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Welcome to my world!

utopika first started back in 2014 when i randomly punctured my bicycle and decided there was something i could create from that used innertube.

From that day onwards the ideas just kept popping up and i became dedicated to creating recycled goods.

from trash to treasures...

i then started selling on the streets whilst travelling, it was an amazing experience.

i connected with some beautiful people and some very talented artists and it was always a pleasure selling my work to people in so many different cities and countries.

i've always been on the road living freely to my own philosophy and despite these stRange times, i wish to carry on living this way.

in 2018 i decided to get serious and make my utopika brand official.

i travelled around france selling my recycled accessories on different markets and festivals.

a dream come true.

i am self taught and constantly experimenting on new techniques and designs.

all my work is hand punched and hand sewn with love using a variety of techniques bringing you the best quality of seams and finnishing touches.

my art is made with creativity, i love combining organic elements, such as wood and gemstones wHich are handpicked for thEIr unique beauty.

i also enjoy combining rubber innertube with other recycled fabrics i find along my path.

i hope to send an ecological message through my unique recycled creations, as innertubes are'nt biodegradeble i think the best way they can be used once their mileage is up is by upcycling them into new objects, giving them a new eco-responsible life which is long lasting and artistic.

if you enjoy respecting your planet and environnement, utopika offers you a large choice of handmade recycled accessories that are authentic and unique.

my innertube creations look very similar to leather but involve no animal crualty which makes them vegan friendly.

i also partner with small buisnesses and artisans across the world on my travels, bringing you fairtrade, one of a kind jewlery.

perfect to express your individuality.

i try to offer various prices to adapt to everyone's budGet.

although all the jewlery i offer is guaranteed lead and nikel free, generally the more the jewlery costs the better the quality.

as for my recycled creations the prices are the equivalent of the hours of work i put into it.

please feel free to contact me for any special enquiries.

i'd like to thank everyone for thier support over the years...

shine bright.


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street selling.jpg
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